Aromatherapy for Hayfever

How wonderful it is to feel ourselves begin to relax as the warmer weather arrives. Being outside, stretching and awakening ourselves to the spring energy it is a delight, but for those who suffer with hay fever it is also a time that the allergic response to certain pollen's begins! The symptoms of hay fever are probably too well known to need description; runny noses, sneezing, and streaming eyes, when the particular group of pollen's to which the individual person reacts are floating in the air. The art – and science of using plant oils in treatment today is referred to as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has its roots deeply intertwined in the most ancient healing practices of mankind and yet

Life's Important Balance

We are designed to maintain a unique equilibrium. If we manage this, we naturally renew and ultimately heal. Generally, this occurs without us even realising that anything has taken place! Science has proven that human beings have dynamic self-organising systems that oversee each activity maintaining a dynamic constancy. Physiologists call this system homoeostasis, a term coined by Walter Cannon in his book “the Wisdom of the body” published in 1932. Since this time, it has been understood that a relatively stable equilibrium is required to remain at optimum health. Dynamic changes occur every second to ensure that we remain well. It is the big changes to our “norm” that can lead us to illne

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