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The art and science of using plant essential oils in treatment is known as aromatherapy.

Essential oils are the most potent aspect of plants.

These oils serve as the immune system of plants and act as their inter cellular messengers.

Essential oils represent the most ethereal form of the plant world.

Aromatherapy has its roots intertwined in the most ancient healing practices of mankind.

The early experiences of the effects of plant oils were possibly regarded as magical (P.Davies.1988).

How our ancestors discovered that plants had the properties they do remains a topic for debate. I personally doubt that it was just by chance, but rather due to their close relationship with nature.

They held an altogether different view of the world as the shaman of the world still do today.

Chamomile is just one of the essental oils that I use regularly in clinic for digestive difficulties, anxiety and as a tonic to the immune system.
Rosa Damascena quiet simply life and clinic would not be the same without her! xx
Natural Fusion - Lavendula Augustifolia is my prefered lavender and in my opinion the ultimate oil for the first aid kit.
Relaxatio is key to us being able to  repair. When we relax and unwind. We give our systems the space that they need to heal.
The natural energetics of essential oils are just incredable.
Essential oils are subtle yet volatile substances that can make an enourmous differnce in our sense of well being

Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated substance extracted from a single botanical source by distillation or expression. Essential oils have been utilised in fragrances, flavours and medicines for thousands of years. There are some 400 essential oils extracted from plants all over the world. Some of the popular oils used in aromatherapy today include chamomile, lavender, rosemary and tea tree.

The use of holy or magical smoke, in the form of incense has survived in almost all major religions in both the east and the west. Fumigation with aromatic plants remains a standard practice in the “undeveloped world” we in the west dropped its use around the same time that science proved that lavender and rosemary were bactericidal!

The Egyptians were the ones who really bought the use of plant oils into every aspect of their daily lives. Both in their cosmetics and their medical cabinets. The Babylonian doctors recorded their formulas and prescriptions on clay tablets in detail, so handing down their knowledge. This happened throughout time. The Greeks acquired a lot of their knowledge from the Egyptians and so on and so forth. Each adding or subtracting details that were either disprove or proven through the test of time and experiences in practice. Apothecarians, herbalists, healers, witches and all lay people alike have been the researchers over the centuries and science today is refining things yet further. But the art of the intuitive practitioner is still thriving, our interests and development of our skills, our subtle understanding are continual.


Essential Oil Energetics

My aromatherapy practice and essential oil use has developed over time, I now use them to work and affect the subtle energy body, working with them on a Shen/Spirit level. I draw upon their subtle, energetic or vibrational qualities, without dismissing their more physical properties. Subtle aromatherapy may be described as a form of energetic healing. 

This approach embraces the use of essential oils as an aid to meditation, affirmation, visualisation and all transformational techniques based on inner work. I use them within an oriental medical framework and see them as the qi of the plants and can gently re-balance the qi within each of us. In clinic I find that oils, points and meridians naturally go hand in hand.

I still learn something new every day and will stop my practice when I cease to be engaged with what I do upon this level.

I am a passionate advocate for the home-use of essential oils and offer workshops, one to one tuition and advice upon this subject upon request. Essential oils are user friendly,approachable herbal medicine. But they are dynamic and powerful and must be used with a certain level of care and understanding. 

I am always happy to recommend and assist others on their journey to better health and these old friends are a fabulously enjoyable way to achieve this. Please ask for more information or book your online aromatherapy consultation today.

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