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Life's Important Balance

We are designed to maintain a unique equilibrium. If we manage this, we naturally renew and ultimately heal. Generally, this occurs without us even realising that anything has taken place!

Science has proven that human beings have dynamic self-organising systems that oversee each activity maintaining a dynamic constancy. Physiologists call this system homoeostasis, a term coined by Walter Cannon in his book “the Wisdom of the body” published in 1932.

Since this time, it has been understood that a relatively stable equilibrium is required to remain at optimum health. Dynamic changes occur every second to ensure that we remain well. It is the big changes to our “norm” that can lead us to illness or what I prefer to call “dis-ease”.

This is measured by our doctors by taking our blood pressure, blood tests or by the taking our temperature or by other tests. You may often have heard your GP talk about your test results being within normal range. Well this is what they are referring to. Acupuncturists similarly measure your level of homoeostasis by taking your pulse, by looking at your tongue and by body diagnosis.

We may use a slightly different language but we are looking, listening and sensing for the same information. How balanced and in harmony are you? is your body coping with making all the second to second changes required to keep you at optimum health?

If you would like more help and advice on how you can assist your health complaint with aromatherapy contact Jocelyne at Natural Fusion UK on 07884020376 or by email

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