Gift Vouchers

"Buying someone the gift of protecting and improving their health & well-being can be a catalyst for change"

Unsure of what to get for that special occasion, worried about someones health, or simply looking for a way of showing love towards someone you care for. 

Simply buying a gift voucher can be the catalyst your loved one needs to spring boarding them towards improved their health and well-being.


Its easy, just fill out the form.


You can spend between £75 to £300 and the recipient can choose when to book their treatments.

Payment Options

You can only use Paypal for the Gift Voucher payment, if this doesn't suit you, please contact Jocelyne to organise payment and a Voucher will be issues to you.

How does your recipient redeem their voucher?

They book their appointment with Jocelyne and present their Voucher at the time of their visit. It couldn't be easier x

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