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Her abilities to soothe, calm and appease, can be felt the moment we visualise the scenes that she creates, her infinite blue/violet fields extending as far as the eyes can see. This blended with her fragrance begins the sensory experience that is La Provence and the energy of ‘laisse faire’.


She is the essence of blue calm grown in the energy of the sun, through which the resonance of our ancestor’s wisdom and knowledge can be experienced. They knew to use her in medicines, poultices, massage, in toiletries and in their cooking.


She is amiable and loving, yet strong and brave beyond measure. She is the ultimate matriarch, reassuring, stabilising, composed and composing in the face of all aversities, she looks after the family in every way.


She gives all that she receives, space, light and warmth. She loves the sun; hence we find her throughout the Mediterranean and when hiking we can find her as high as 1,300 metres. She adores the elevation of the Alpes de Provence. Almost as much as I do.


It is this high-altitude matriarch that I have the most passion for. She grows up in the mountains with her head in the clouds, her fingers outstretched to the sky, connecting with the spirits of above, her roots connecting with the earth and through her essence she aids man.

She is the most delicate, the most perfect of the lavenders, and it is for this reason that we must call her ‘True’.



High Altitude Organic 'True' Lavender- Lavendula Augustifolia

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