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Health & Wellbeing online support

What a time this is, all this change and uncertainty is really quite an experience.

Maybe this is beginning to take its toll upon your health and well-being and you are looking for a fresh approach to your individual needs. Perhaps you have had to interrupt treatment for an on going health concern and are seeking advice. It might be that you have had covid and are still suffering from the after effects and need guidance. Or you are simply wanting to seize the opportunity to step into 2021, a stronger, happier and more resilient you.

Whatever the reason I can help.
























Even if you would just like to create a little home pharmacy of your own. One that can go with you every where. One that can not only improve your health and well-being, but that of your family and friends. I can guide you into the world of aromatherapy and introduce you to the oils.

Essential oils are my oldest friends, they have journeyed with me, been carried in my backpack, festival supplies, work bag and camping gear for decades, all over the world. They are my essential helpers that cover the treatment of nearly all those little symptoms and some of the bigger ones, that crop up every now and again.

But most of all they are a fabulous and inexpensive way to lower stress and improve our immunity and at the moment this feels particularly important to share.

I am therefore now offering online support.

A consultation via WhatsApp, allows time to understand your needs and conditions. From which I will create and send a personalised essential plan just for you, for your specific issues and conditions. We will discuss various ways for you to use essential oils, blends, self care massage, atomising, bathing, nasal inhaling, exercises, acupressure, meditation, qi gong, food energetics and I will always offer considerations, musings and ponderings which normally involves a book to read! Xx

Chamomile from our allotment
Rose Oil Balms
Lavender Oil
Green Bubbles
NF Lip balms
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